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About Me

"I make weird stuff for weird people."

I am a props artisan with a specialty in puppetry located in the D.C. area. I have my BFA  in Design/Tech from Western Michigan University with a minor in Art History. I am a member of the board of the National Capital Puppetry Guild and I am a proud member of S*P*A*M*- Society of Props Artisan Managers.

I really love making eccentric things and solving complex problems. Teaching is really important to me and I love teaching workshops. 



Imagination Stage 2018-2020

  • Buy, build, and coordinate all props for 8-10 shows of our 18 show season 

  • Hire and managed overhire props artisans during build and tech of each show

  • Mentor and advise apprentices on the role of a prop master as they work on student shows

  • Assist with various needs for resident teaching artists

  • Create custom artwork for special events 

  • Teach workshops on Puppetry Arts and techniques


Western Michigan University 

BFA Degree in Theatrical Design and Technical Production


Merry-Go-Round Playhouse- Auburn, NY

Props Internship


Grand Rapids Community College 

AA Degree in Liberal Arts


Grand Rapids Civic Theater- Grand Rapids, MI

Props Internship


Kennedy Center TYA 2019

Henry V 

Faction of Fools 2018

Wunderkamer- (Puppet Designer and Fabrication)

Baltimore Fringe Festival 2018

Darius & Twig

Kennedy Center TYA 2018


Princess and the Porcupine 

Maples Repertory Theatre


The Crucible (and Scenic Designer)

Western Michigan University 2017


Baby with the Bath Water 

Western Michigan University 2016


Props Coordinator

Props Master


Puppetry workshop- I taught a one night puppetry techniques workshop with a high school cast of The Witches at Imagination Stage

Intro to Fabric Puppet Builds- I taught a puppetry workshop to a group of high school students. Included step-by-step instructions of how to cut and sew a basic muppet style puppet​ at Imagination Stage


2019 National Puppetry Conference: 

Everything you need to know about Mechs By Jim Kroupa

2016 National Puppetry Conference: 

Workshopped a puppetry version of Sweeney Todd as directed by Art Gruenberger

Freelance Artisan 2020-Present


Creating custom artwork for individuals and theaters in the greater DMV area 

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